Welcome Speech

Dear prospective MPM students,

On behalf of the faculty in the Master program in Project Management at the School of Management at Shandong University in China, I appreciate your interest in our program and welcome anyone who want to pursue this degree provided by our school.
So why project management at Shandong University? We have the following advantages that will ensure your decision is correct.

First, Shandong University is the best university in China that studying and spreading Chinese culture. Therefore, it is also the best place for you to learn and study Chinese culture. In the 21st century, those people that don’t under the culture of this country that has the largest population, the fastest economic growth rate and the biggest market in the world will surely lost a lot of development opportunities. Shandong University’s MPM program will help you fully understand Chinese culture and the implication of the Chinese culture in project management, the Chinese style of management and effectively improve your ability to collaborate with Chinese enterprise, Chinese project and China in general.

Second, our program is accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI) Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC). Our excellent internationalized faculty brings extensive real-world experience to the classes and has designed a curriculum that meets international standards. Our curriculum has got approved by the leading PM programs in many countries such as the United States, Canada, France, Australia, south Africa, Scotland, and Spanish, to name a few. Our program is designed to offer students project management knowledge and expertise with different national cultural backgrounds. With a MPM degree from School of Management at Shandong University means you have obtained world-class knowledge in project management. Moreover, the degree is identified by dozens of other universities around the world, which could help to pursue further study in these universities.
Third, the School of Management at Shandong University can provide you with plenty of internship and employment opportunities. As we all know, China is the biggest and the most influential developing country in the world. There are many projects get started everyday that involves capitals from China, no matter these projects are located in China or overseas. The School of Management at Shandong University has established internship partnerships with many world-known enterprises. The projects within these enterprises are worldwide spread and are related to a variety of fields. They not only provide you with tons of internship opportunities, but also can offer you employment opportunities.

We encourage you to investigate the many Project Management learning opportunities available to you here at the School of Management at Shandong University and look forward to your joining our program.


Yang Huixin
PhD, Professor, Dean
School of Management, Shandong University
27 Shanda Nanlu, Jinan, Shandong, 250100, P.R. China