Student Support Services


Shandong University provides 3 buildings for students in MPM. There you can choose the right one according to your needs. The dormitory and its price are listed below.

Types of Dormitory Rooms.xls



On the campus there is the student canteen known to be the largest one in Asia, which can satisfy students’ different needs. It is even equipped with Muslim restaurants for Muslim students, taking care of all students’ needs for learning and life. The canteen has 5 floors, on which different types of food are served. Students from different regions can enjoy themselves there.

The university canteens offer students low cost, full meals, with a varied menu. Use of the service requires possession of the smart card issued at enrolment.

Besides, in building 2, there is a store which can offer you dumplings, hamburg, ready-to-eat food, drinks, etc.




Shandong University provides relevant paper-based and electronic books for MPM students, which cover all MPM courses in curriculums, including general courses, basic theoretical courses, specialized core courses and specialized courses (such as humanity courses, foreign language courses, project management courses, and management courses) and the technical books of relevant industries. Meanwhile, students can also acquire relevant books and materials from the reference room in School of Management and the Experiment Center of Power Project Management Software.

The students’ dormitories all have access to the Internet, with full wireless network coverage. The students can directly access the school's online library to refer to the books and information they want. The school also has a library with a collection of more than 15,000 Chinese books and more than 150 kinds of journals. Within the Zhixin Building there is also Jiang Zhen Library of Shandong University, which is equipped with an electronic access system, providing access to the University online library for information.



In order to create better hardware conditions for students taking on the program, the classrooms for MPM program are all equipped with multimedia devices. The MPM program is arranged in the multimedia classrooms on the 7th floor of the Zhixin Building, where it is relatively quiet, and fully outfitted. The same floor also conveniently houses School of Management’s experimental and teaching demonstration center and a case discussion room.

The stadium of Shandong University will provide students with the perfect stage for ball games, swimming and other activities. You can also play with your friends in Liuyuan as our university has reserved an area there.